Principles for Making Marriage Work

marriage connections

The “7 Principles for Making Marriage Work” was written by the psychologist John Gottman. This blog will be a summary of those 7 principles. Enhance your love maps.  Love centers around being great friends, the first skill that’s required is an understanding of what’s important to your partner. Thinking about the details of the activities…

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The Science of Play Therapy

children playing

I just read an article entitled “The Science of Play Therapy” and I want to share four highlights from it concerning how play therapy aids in healthy neuro-development. Impact of Play therapy Play therapy allows a child to explore emotions, worries and imagination, as well as gain and practice coping strategies. While exploring the brain…

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Yes Brain

childrens therapy

I just read an interview with Dan Siegel about his book called  “YES Brain: How to Cultivate Courage, Curiosity, and Resilience in Your Child.” Dr. Siegel starts out the interview saying that the concepts in this book are a “no-brainer” Actually he said they were a “yes brainer” “The idea for parents or anyone caring…

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Evaluate your Marriage

negative marriage

How is your communication with your partner? Is it where you want it to be? Could it be improved? Do you ever feel like you wished you could talk about deeply held beliefs, thoughts, or feelings with your partner, but feel it’s pointless as it often ends up as a misunderstanding or an argument? Don’t…

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Developmental Trauma

child trauma

Developmental trauma occurs when a child is traumatized during critical early growth periods. Often in the first two years of life.  This trauma alters brain development and requires a therapeutic approach that understands what was missed and how to begin repair. I let parents know that repair starts with regulation. Dr Perry encourages repetitive motion…

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