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June, 2020 by DeAnna Wahlheim

Parenting: Part 1 - Lessons about parenting I learned from horses.

Parenting, Equine therapy

May, 2020 by Mike DeMoss

Marriage: Masters vs. Disasters

marriage, relationships

May, 2020 by Deborah Pettitt

Children's Trauma: Parenting traumatized children

Trauma, Parenting

April, 2020 by DeAnna Wahlheim

Eagala: What is Eagala all about?

Therapy, Equine

March, 2020 by Deborah Pettitt

Canine Assisted Therapy: What are its benefits?

Therapy, Canine Assisted

March, 2020 by Deborah Pettitt

Our Director: Read our directors tips for parenting traumatized children

Parenting, trauma

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