What is a Love Map?

marriage therapy

Marriage Counseling – Love Maps What is a “Love Map?” How to Use Gottman’s Model for Lasting Love Do you know your partner? Have you got a deep understanding of who they are as a person, including their hopes, fears, and dreams? The Gottman Institute has a tool called a “Love Map” that can help…

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Christmas with children

Christmas Santa

Dear Parents,      As Christmas approaches, I would like to offer some things for your consideration that might help your children and you get through the holidays more easily this year. Christmas is stressful for everyone, but especially for children with troubling pasts. It is best to focus on your relationship with your children…

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Lessons from my Dad

elderly man

I am continuing my series about lessons my dad taught me as he was going through the last stages of Alzheimer’s disease with an application to living with traumatized children. Here are a few more of those lessons: Traumatized children need positive reminders “Hi Dad it’s Deb”. Every time that I see Dad I introduce…

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