Child’s First Year of Life

A Second a Day from Birth. from Sam Christopher Cornwell on Vimeo.   Enjoy this video of daily experiences for a child during the first year of life. This is an interesting window into the stages of development during those early months. Neglected children miss so much of this. Imagine the ones from foreign orphanages…

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Home – A Safe Place

game time

The Restorer – Home   When our kids were younger we made a point of saying to them that we stick together as a family and do not pick on each other, this was part of our parenting strategy. The world can be a tough place, there may be bullies at school but home is…

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Adoption Success

adoption papers

Parenting by Grandparents Scratch the surface of Simone Biles’ remarkable story, and you’ll learn about grandparents who sacrificed their hopes for more leisurely mature years to adopt two young grandchildren who had a very difficult start in life. With the help of counseling, they guided a troubled child to poised young adulthood. Key was successfully…

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brain cells

The Growing Brain   This is an amazing video of neurogenesis. It’s very encouraging to know that our brains continue to form new connections and prune old ones. This means that every time we respond calmly to our developmentally traumatized children we are teaching them that parents are safe instead of scary. Consistently calm parenting…

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Stress and the Brain

stressed out child

  Don’t forget to check out The Child Trauma Academy’s YouTube channel. Bruce Perry’s Seven Slide series on the brain and it’s response to stress is especially helpful to all people trying to figure out how to respond to traumatized children. To date four of the seven series trainings have been posted.

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