How Play helps Mental Health

children at play

Health may be one of those things like art that we recognize when we see it.  Imagine a child, unselfconsciously and joyfully at play with peers on a playground, a youth with bright eyes and glowing complexion, or a couple walking hand in hand.  In contrast, when our health is suddenly compromised in some big…

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Healing from emotional trauma

A Metaphor of Healing from emotional trauma   Therapy dog, Tuppence, provided a metaphor for healing from emotional trauma. Sometimes parents have to do things kids don’t like in order to help them heal from their emotional trauma. My therapy dog, Tuppence, recently required stiches in her eyelid. As a consequence she has been required…

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Teens need Parents

Strategies for Mom and Dad OK, let’s just say it: parenting teenagers is not easy.  In the article “Be the Parent Your Teen Needs” Sue Shellenbarger identifies a few key strategies that may help.  Throughout the various stages of drama remaining warm and supportive will help your teen navigate these challenging years successfully. Click on…

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Adoption Success

adoption papers

Parenting by Grandparents Scratch the surface of Simone Biles’ remarkable story, and you’ll learn about grandparents who sacrificed their hopes for more leisurely mature years to adopt two young grandchildren who had a very difficult start in life. With the help of counseling, they guided a troubled child to poised young adulthood. Key was successfully…

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