Gottman’s Couple Therapy

for better for worse

I just finished reading a journal article titled “Examining the Effectiveness of Gottman Couple Therapy on Improving Marital Adjustment and Couples’ Intimacy”.  If you would like to read the study in its entirety, please click on the link. The objective of the study was to examine the effectiveness of Gottman couple therapy on improving marital…

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Marriage Conversations during Covid

covid communication

I just read an article by Dr. Julie Gottman of the Gottman Institute. In the article she talks about the realities of COVID-19 and how it can take a toll on our relationships. “People who are constrained inside four walls are going to feel stressed over time, especially with the additional fear of getting sick…

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Even celebrities need help

marriage miscommunication

Marriage Relationships need work “We don’t need couple’s therapy. We have a good marriage relationship.” The general feeling in the United States is that couple’s therapy is for couples with problems, when in reality, prevention is much more effective than intervention. Research from the Gottman Institute found that couples wait an average of six years…

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Bipolar Disorder

bipolar disorder

Help, I’m married to a spouse with a bipolar disorder! Being married to a spouse with bipolar can be a very difficult challenge. Often a marriage where bipolar is present can be described by the offended spouse as being on an emotional rollercoaster. Many marriages can be serious jeopardy when the disorder is present in…

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Couples Therapy

marriage therapy

Couples Therapy – Gottman method As a couple’s therapist, I believe the Gottman Method is one of the most effective methods in helping couples in conflict. A great deal of research has gone into what helps couples have a meaningful relationship and what most often leads couples to split apart. The Gottman’s indicate that there are…

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