Children and Grief Counseling

children and grief

I just read a short little book about grief by the Child Trauma Academy entitled A Child’s Loss: Helping Children Exposed to Traumatic Death. You can purchase this little book from iTunes or Kindle. It was only 20 pages but it gave a lot of helpful information for caregivers and a special section at the…

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Veterans and Equine Assisted Therapy

equine assisted therapy

I was reading a journal article this week that was about evaluating equine assisted therapy programs for veterans which was published in September of this year.  It reminded me of the great work DeAnna Wahlheim is doing using this therapy with some of her clients. The study evaluated veterans and their partners in relation to…

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Cool in School

children fighting

I thought I would share with you this week an interesting article I read in the Scholastic Magazine for Teachers concerning bullying and childhood trauma. This magazine was started in 1920 and has been helping teachers and administrators in their jobs for almost 100 years. Scholastic launched “Keep your cool in School”, a company-wide campaign against violence and…

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