Play Therapy and the Brain

children play therapy

I was fascinated recently when I read an article in the International Journal of Play Therapy by Hong and Mason entitled “Becoming a Neurobiologically-Informed Play Therapist” (Hong & Mason, 2016). Over the past years a new subspecialty of play therapy has been developing which some are calling “Neuro-biologically Informed Play Therapy”. As past president of…

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Parenting the Shy Child

  This is a great video of Dan Siegel using his Mind Sight Information to help a shy child. I think that anyone can learn about responding to the most productive part of the brain from this video. We all want to connect with our kids brains when we talk. Enjoy! Dr Dan Siegel “Use…

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Teens need Parents

Strategies for Mom and Dad OK, let’s just say it: parenting teenagers is not easy.  In the article “Be the Parent Your Teen Needs” Sue Shellenbarger identifies a few key strategies that may help.  Throughout the various stages of drama remaining warm and supportive will help your teen navigate these challenging years successfully. Click on…

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Brain and violence

child sitting

Overcoming Trauma’s Hurts Attached is a video from Bruce Perry’s youtube channel. It’s sobering to see how exposure to violence affects an infants developing brain. I see many children who were adopted fairly young. (before age two) Many parents assume that they were too young to remember the family trauma. Unfortunately the brain was at…

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