Lessons about Trauma

lessons about trauma

Last time I wrote about a few lessons my dad taught me as he was going through the last stages of Alzheimer’s disease with an application to living with traumatized children. Here are a few more of those lessons: Avoiding power struggles with traumatized children “Why do I need to take these pills? I don’t…

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Parenting Traumatized children

trauma attachment parenting

My dad teaches me about treating attachment and trauma. A few years ago my father and mother lived with us while my dad was going through the last stages of Alzheimer’s disease. Here are two of the lessons I vividly remember, I hope it helps parents as they work with traumatized children. I took my…

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Can Equine-assisted Therapy Help?

equine-assisted therapy

Have you tried talking to a therapist but don’t feel it’s helping? Are you someone who connects more by doing than speaking? If the answer is yes, then maybe equine-assisted therapy can help you. What is Equine-assisted Therapy? Equine-assisted therapy involves horses to assist clients. By interacting with an animal like a horse, clients can: Observe the horse’s…

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How Play helps Mental Health

children at play

Health may be one of those things like art that we recognize when we see it.  Imagine a child, unselfconsciously and joyfully at play with peers on a playground, a youth with bright eyes and glowing complexion, or a couple walking hand in hand.  In contrast, when our health is suddenly compromised in some big…

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