Dr. Perry – help during stressful times

I just listened to Dr. Perry (Children’s Trauma Academy) giving his advice for dealing with children in these stressful time. If you would like to hear the entire Q and A please click on the link. I thought I would just list the important points of the notes I took while listening:

Talk to your children

  1. How should we talk with our children about the virus?
    • Talk with them in a calm manner – your stress becomes their stress
    • Give them only the information they need – A 3 year old does not need a lesson in virology.
    • Everything you say, expect to say it again, and again, and again.

A "new normal"

2. Try to establish some structure in this “new normal”

  • External chaos with children brings internal chaos
  • As much as you can spend extra time together as a family (have a game night).
  • Go for walks and talk
  • Help your children have virtual meetings with their friends.
  • Remember the most important stress reducer is…community.  We may have to social distance but lets still maintain the ‘social’.

Help if you can

3. Many children depend on school lunches – as a family help as much as you can.

  • Foster children who are in college and have aged out of the system many times have no one – help as much as you can.
  • Don’t forget the elderly and marginalized – help as many as you can.

General reminders

4. We are not stopping the spread we are just slowing it down – medical workers need our prayer and support.

5. Your own rest is crucial – take care of your fundamental needs

6. It is extremely hard on many families – some parents have to work and their children can not go to school – help as much as you can.

7. In this time of stress be as kind as possible, many are under intense stress and the simple kind word can make all the difference.

We at Family Christian Counseling Center know this “new normal” is not easy for anyone, lets all help each other together. If you would like to read our list of resources for the coronavirus please click on the link.

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