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Thought I would write a blog describing a new app I found on the internet. It is called “GetBetter” and it is found at  The purpose of this app is to help clients get money from their insurance companies for counseling. It is fully encrypted, HIPAA compliant and the data is only used to process claims. If you would like to pick up a brochure describing this app we have them in the office.

A quote from the founders of this app – “We know that dealing with the health insurance system is way too complicated and that people deserve to have someone on their side. Better makes it simple for anyone to get back the money their health insurance owes them. We come to work every day to help as many people as we can.”

I think the best way to explain the app is to let Better answer some basic questions that most people have:

  1. What is Better? – Better is an app for filing out-of-network health insurance claims (it is not just for therapy claims, many types of medical claims they will handle). Send us a photo of your claim and we will handle the rest, including determining your eligibility and following-up with your health insurance company.
  2. What is an out-of-network claim? – An out-of-network claim is a request for your health insurance company to reimburse a bill from a provider that does not have a negotiated contract with your health insurance company. If you are billed for the full cost of a visit directly by your provider, or they have told you they do not accept insurance, it is likely they are out-of-network.
  3. What if I do not know if my claim will be covered? – Better will check to determine whether or not your claim is covered by your policy. We won’t charge you anything if you don’t get any money back.
  4. How much do they charge? – Better charges 10% of the money we get you back! If your claim is applied to your deductible or not covered by your policy, Better is free. We only make money when we get you money!
  5. What data should be on my bill? – To process your claim your bill will need to include your name, your provider’s name, your provider’s employment identification number (EIN or TIN) or social security number, your provider’s National Provider Identifier number, the code(s) for your diagnosis, the code(s) for any procedures, the date of your appointment (date of service), and the total amount of the bill. A bill with all this information is called a “superbill.” (The Center will provide you with this type of bill)
  6. What do I basically have to do? – Sign up for the app, provide your insurance information to Better, then take a picture of the bill and send it to the app. Better does the rest.
  7. Does Family Christian Counseling Center have anything to do with the app? – No we do not, the process is between you and the insurance company.

I did find these reviews online from outside parties if you are interested in finding out what others thought of the service.


Podcast with the founder

We hope you find this helpful, if you choose to use this service we would appreciate knowing how it works for you.

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