Stress, Trauma and Mental Health

trauma counseling

Our Brains are like sophisticated operating systems. When they are overwhelmed, they experience glitches and can even temporarily shut down. We have all experienced these types of glitches. For example, it might be forgetting where we put our keys or entering a room and wondering what we came there to do?

We have all experienced it

Stress, anxiety, and pressures from others can trigger loss of awareness. It can also be a trauma symptom which is a temporary dissociation from what is going on at the present time. For example, most of us have driven past our destination without even remembering driving by it. That’s a mild for of dissociation. Olympic athletes like Simone Biles face extreme pressure to perform. Simone is in the most remarkable shape physically, but stress can take its toll mentally.

We are not crazy

The pandemic is a global trauma that has increased depression, anxiety, relationship conflict, child abuse, and many other problems. If we learn nothing more from these Olympics, I hope we realize that our mental health is just as important as our physical health. Seeking counseling or therapy does not mean we are crazy. We do not have to be in crisis mode to see a therapist. View it as routine, preventative health care just like going to see your doctor for a checkup.

Help is close

It is important for athletes and anyone who is struggling with mental health issues to know they are not: a) alone, b) crazy, c) broken, d) weak. Equally important is to know it is not their fault. They are having a normal response to live experiences. Effective help is an email or phone call away. The Center is here to help you, we would love to be a part of the solution.

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