Lifelong Learning

I thought this week I would update you on training that Blanca and I are taking June 25th-29th 2018 in Phoenix, AZ.  It is training given by Anna Gomez about EMDR and is titled: “EMDR Child: Complex Trauma and Dissociation Specialist Intensive Program Level II”. Each day it will be from 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM. Even before the onsite training occurs we will watch 8 hours of video training centered on:

  • structural dissociation theory and other models that address dissociation in children
  • an in depth coverage and review of the latest literature and research on dissociation in children 
  • assessment tools, differential diagnosis and clinical interview tools for children with dissociative tendencies 

Some of the major objectives during the onsite training will be:

  • Assess and use tools available to assess dissociative symptoms.    
  • Use resources for stabilization and affect regulation that are suitable for children that are highly dysregulated or emotionally constricted as well as children with structural dissociation. 
  • Use strategies to identify, resource and stabilize trauma-related parts using child friendly strategies.
  • Utilize various ways of using EMDR and EMDR strategies.

The science of the brain and its response to trauma continues to provide us with valuable information for healing children. Some people have said to me why do children need healing? Maybe an explanation from our clientele is in order. We work with children who were so neglected by their parents during the first two years of life that they were taken into care in dissociative states and have no idea how to receive the love of a caring adoptive parent.  They horde food because they were not fed and they tantrum for hours because no one came to calm them in distress.

Blanca and I both believe the best way to help traumatized children starts from our relationship with God and is extended by the training we receive.  We are both committed to research-based practices and lifelong learning.  Click on the link to view Deborah’s training or Blanca’s list of training. You may be asking “Why lifelong learning?”

  • The world is changing, we need to always keep learning
  • We both have a passion for helping children – we are driven to do our best
  • The heart of God is for all, especially children.

There are many ways to continue to learn, some formal, some informal.  May we encourage you today to never stop. Health research has pointed to lifelong learning as one of the best ways for us to stay healthy. An active mind throughout your life has been proven to help you live longer and healthier.

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