Parenting Classes

New Parenting Classes

Family Christian Counseling Center is excited to announce that DeAnna Wahlheim has begun teaching 5 week parenting classes entitled “Parenting with Integrity”. 

The main objectives of these classes are to:

  • Learn the difference between disobedience and emotional dysregulation
  • Learn the difference between needs and wants and what to do about them
  • Learn how to respond with love and integrity rather than reaction and fear

The classes can be viewed online live at noon on Friday’s the weeks the classes are being taught or viewed in their entirety a few days after the presentations have been posted online at the Center’s website. The cost of the 5 part series is $150.00

Our Teacher

DeAnna specializes in treating children and families who have been affected by trauma including neglect, abuse and attachment trauma. She is a skilled parent trainer and coach who offers attachment focused parenting classes. DeAnna is trained in empirically based, developmental models of treatment including the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics, Theraplay, EMDR, and Sand-Tray. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Counseling Psychology, with a minor in Biblical Studies, and a master’s degree in Psychology, Marriage and Family Therapy. She has a license with the State of AZ as an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist.

Parenting thoughts from a former President

To close this blog I will share with you an article I read about former President Obama and his parenting style. While we may or may not agree with the former President’s politics we can be thankful for his love of family. The author of the article was reflecting on President Obama’s approach to raising his family; “He’s calm, steady, nurturing, attentive, deliberate, loving and firm”.

“We’re a strong believer in structure and rules, and unconditional love but being pretty firm, too,” explained Obama at a September 11, 2015, town hall meeting held with service members at Ft. Meade.

Obama points out that he and first mom Michelle implemented structure and discipline when their two daughters, Sasha and Malia, were very young, especially when it came to common issues all parents deal with—bedtime, watching TV and eating their vegetables.

“If you start early enough with high expectations, I think kids do well with that,” Obama advised. “Part of that involves loving those kids to death but also letting them know, ‘I’m your parent, I’m not your best friend. I’m not that interested in what your friends are doing. This is what you’re doing in our house. When you leave here, you’ll be able to make your own decisions, but we’re trying to prepare you so that you’ve got some sense when you get out of here.’” Obama also stressed the importance of sharing family meals together as a way to connect. “As much as possible, when we’re home, they have to sit down and eat dinner with us. I’m a big believer in not getting the TV trays out and watching the Kardashians,” said Obama. “You sit down, leave your cell phones  somewhere else and we’ll have a conversation.”

Click to read more about DeAnna’s thoughts on helping caregivers. 

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