Play Therapy and the Brain

children play therapy

I was fascinated recently when I read an article in the International Journal of Play Therapy by Hong and Mason entitled “Becoming a Neurobiologically-Informed Play Therapist” (Hong & Mason, 2016). Over the past years a new subspecialty of play therapy has been developing which some are calling “Neuro-biologically Informed Play Therapy”. As past president of…

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Equine Assisted Therapy

Equine Assisted Therapy “But ask the animals, and they will teach you” Job 12:7 Have you tried therapy before and it just does not seem to work? Are you more of a “doing” type of person rather than “all talking”? Have you found yourself stuck and unable to move past a difficult circumstance? Equine Assisted…

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Child Therapy on a Screen

telehealth child

I just finished reading an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal about online child therapy.  I thought I would summarize a few of the points. Online Child Therapy The main idea of the article is how therapy with children over video is seeing many benefits. Since many children have grown up using computers building…

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Marriage Therapy – 5 to 1 ratio

negative marriage

Psychology Today reviewed the Gottman Method of Marriage Therapy  and I thought this week I would summarize the important thoughts presented in this article. Marriage Therapy – based on research The Gottman Method is based on observations showing there is a real science to that most indescribable of experiences, love. The method is built on research…

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Marriage Therapy and Time

marriage repair

Now – Not Later I just read a good article on marriage therapy from the Gottman Institute.  For my blog this week I will summarize a few of the key points from the author. 6 Years for help The first point I have heard before but he helped me see it in a new light:…

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