Autism Awareness – Part 2

autism counseling

This blog is a continuation of our last blog entitled “Autism Awareness Month”.  We were presenting the findings of Dr. Dan Siegel along with highlighting April as being Autism Awareness Month.  Our last blog left off with a summary of the wisdom of clinicians (along with the input of people who have been living with…

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Resilient children

resilient children

I just read more about being resilient children. I would like to add some important points to previous blogs I have written about it in relation to children and trauma (if you would like to read the entire article I read please click on the LINK). What would it look like if we could somehow…

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You Are Stronger Than You Think Have you ever wondered to yourself, ‘How did I make it this far?’ or ‘I should be a statistic?’ It may not feel like it, but you are a walking miracle. Many of us have survived traumatic events or even physical ailments and felt completely helpless. Yet, we have…

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Sensorimotor Psychotherapy

lifelong learning

This week I thought I would introduce you to a method of therapy that a few of our therapists are trained in, it is called Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. What is Sensorimotor Psychotherapy This method is a body-centered approach that aims to treat the symptoms of unresolved trauma in the body. While traditional talk therapies utilize the words of a…

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Helping Traumatized Children Learn – Part 2

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In the second chapter of “Helping Traumatized Children Learn”, the author discusses resiliency and protective factors. Three Protective factors Child-development psychologists Masten and Coatsworth found 3 common factors for why some children develop competence even under adverse conditions, such as exposure to domestic violence, abuse, homelessness and community violence. These three factors common to competent…

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