You Are Stronger Than You Think Have you ever wondered to yourself, ‘How did I make it this far?’ or ‘I should be a statistic?’ It may not feel like it, but you are a walking miracle. Many of us have survived traumatic events or even physical ailments and felt completely helpless. Yet, we have…

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Comfort In The Counseling Process – Part 1

counseling comfort

For anyone who is new to the counseling experience, it can feel intimidating. After all, it involves disclosing personal information that can leave one feeling quite vulnerable. I frequently meet people who have either never been to counseling and hold preconceived ideas regarding the process or who have kept themselves away due to negative counseling…

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What is Trauma

teen showing trauma

For so long many people have associated post traumatic stress disorder (complex trauma) with only MAJOR events, and while this seems true, it’s not true for every case. As a psychologist (a professional influence of mine) has put it, “trauma is any stress that can disrupt and affect physiology”. In other words anything that occurs…

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