Sensorimotor Psychotherapy

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This week I thought I would introduce you to a method of therapy that a few of our therapists are trained in, it is called Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. What is Sensorimotor Psychotherapy This method is a body-centered approach that aims to treat the symptoms of unresolved trauma in the body. While traditional talk therapies utilize the words of a…

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Attachment Research concerning Cuddling

father cuddling baby

I just read an interesting article on attachment and the genetic effect on babies of cuddling.  While we probably intuitively know that cuddling a baby is just good for everyone involved it was interesting to read what researchers are finding out about this. The article was titled “Epigenetic correlates of neonatal contact in humans”. I…

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What is Attachment?

attachment mom and child

What is attachment?  Why is it important? The brain is the least developed organ at birth and only about 25% wired up.  When your baby is born there are about 100 billion neurons in their little brains, most of which are not yet connected.  By the end of the first year, the brain will be…

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Parenting Traumatized children

trauma attachment parenting

My dad teaches me about treating attachment and trauma. A few years ago my father and mother lived with us while my dad was going through the last stages of Alzheimer’s disease. Here are two of the lessons I vividly remember, I hope it helps parents as they work with traumatized children. I took my…

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