Child Counseling

"Children are 1/3rd of our population....and all of our future."

John F. Kennedy

Are You Worried - Not Sure Where To Find Help?

Are  you at the “end of your rope” and can’t get through to your child. It seems like there is nothing left to try and the relationship is suffering. 

Your child seems caught up with worry and it’s keeping them from achieving what they want and stopping you from any meaningful communication. Talking and consequences do not work, whatever happened to that fun loving child that used to run around the house?

child not listening

You have been trying to find ways to help him keep up with everyone’s expectations, but it seems that any way you get involved only drives a wider and wider gulf between the two of you. It seems like no matter how much you try to help your child, you end up pushing him further away and your relationship suffers even more.

It’s difficult to not know how your child’s behavior will adjust to the demands of life, you so much want him to excel socially, and academically.

The Center specializes in child counseling

With over 50 years of collective experience working specifically with children, the Center is committed to understanding the world from the perspective of a child. We use counseling modalities that make sense to children rather than treating your child like a miniature adult. We meet every individual where they are and take the time to bring about authentic healing.

Many Parents Have No Idea What to do.

It is common for parents to feel lost when finding the right therapist especially in a metropolis like Phoenix, so many choices. You are wanting to make sure you find someone both you and your child can trust. No matter who you chose make sure they are licensed to practice in Arizona and holds a professional degree in counseling. Children are a gift and it takes experience to “unwrap the package”. It is also vitally important to find a therapist that both you and your child are comfortable with.

Your Child Can start to grow again

Can you imagine a day when your family can experience peace and connection again. Can you imagine a day without explosive behavior?

The Center has been offering counseling for children for over 10 years. We have taught children and parents how the brain works, how their thoughts and feelings impact their actions, and how approaching negative emotions in a different way can help them feel better.

In therapy there is no one size fits all approach. We adapt the modality we use to best focus on your child’s unique needs. If your child finds it hard to talk about feelings, we can utilize games, toys, and play throughout sessions. Whenever possible the Center uses proven techniques such as 1) play therapy, 2) sand tray therapy, 3) canine assisted therapy, 4) sensorimotor psychotherapy, and 5) the neuro-sequential model of therapy.  Part of the counseling process teaches children how to cope with upsetting emotions. When learned at an early age, these skills can make a large difference in how your child develops.

How might I be involved in my child's counseling?

Your involvement is a crucial if the therapy is going to be effective. The Center will invite you into sessions as needed, and you will always be provided with the opportunity to check in with your therapist after sessions. By attending part or all of some sessions, you will get a better understanding of what your child is going through and learn effective methods for offering support and encouragement at home. You can also practice shifting your responses to your child’s behavior, which can help break negative patterns and increase cooperation and wellbeing for the whole family.

No matter how helpless you may feel right now, your child can feel better. With the help of a trained therapist who understands how children think, your child can reduce issues at school and at home. One of the major goals in the counseling process with children is to help them learn to express themselves in healthier ways. It also can build on what you, as a parent, are already doing, as well as offer support, education and new concepts to try at home. Being a parent is hard regardless of your unique situation, and there is nothing wrong with seeking help.

What if other people think attending therapy means my child is different?

Child therapy is completely confidential, and no one needs to know that your child is in therapy unless you choose to share that information. That said, therapy is nothing to be ashamed of. It can be helpful and beneficial for anyone, and seeking help doesn’t mean anything is wrong with you or your child. In addition, children generally enjoy working with their theapist, and they’re unlikely to think anything is “weird” about going to therapy on their own.

trauma child

What about medication?

As a therpist, I do not and cannot prescribe medication. When treating emotional difficulties in children, it is recommended that most individuals try therapy before medication, as therapy can be more beneficial over the long-term. In sessions, we will work with your child to develop the ability to face each new day with faith in who they are becoming.

Are you ready to begin?

The Center is available to answer any questions or concern you might have, you do not have to do this alone, we are here to help. Please contact us, if you would like to call (602-325-1233) our assistant will be able to help you schedule an appointment.

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