Veterans and Equine Assisted Therapy

equine assisted therapy

I was reading a journal article this week that was about evaluating equine assisted therapy programs for veterans which was published in September of this year.  It reminded me of the great work DeAnna Wahlheim is doing using this therapy with some of her clients. The study evaluated veterans and their partners in relation to…

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Helper our newest therapy dog

Helper newest therapy dog

I read 2 articles recently about therapy animals and thought I would give you a brief summary of each. They both are about the use of service animals for children and adults. Equine Therapy The first article was in the magazine section of the Arizona Republic, each week they have a special section called “Wednesday’s…

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Can Equine-assisted Therapy Help?

equine-assisted therapy

Have you tried talking to a therapist but don’t feel it’s helping? Are you someone who connects more by doing than speaking? If the answer is yes, then maybe equine-assisted therapy can help you. What is Equine-assisted Therapy? Equine-assisted therapy involves horses to assist clients. By interacting with an animal like a horse, clients can: Observe the horse’s…

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Canine Assisted Therapy

Courage – Our canine therapist   Courage and Tuppence are two of the “4 legged variety” of therapists at the Family Christian Counseling Center. They have both been around the offices at the Center helping children heal for many years. Any dog that is used by a therapist at the Center must be evaluated and…

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